In mourning

Really, I am. City of Heroes just shut down. I was there to the bitter end. I went out like I came in, on my first toon, the original "Tam Lyn Carter", in the created-on-day-one supergroup, The Ithaca Island Irregulars. And wow am I going to miss it. I'm glad I was able to download the info for all my toons via Titan Network's Sentinal and Mids apps, and I saved the stories I wrote in mission architect. I got screenshots of all my toons and all their (current) costumes.

But man am I going to miss Paragon City, and FLYING, and Dark Miasma/Psionic Blast, and epic battles, and awesome teams, and the great community in-game and on the LJ City of Heroes community. Thanks to Paragon Studios for the good times. I feel like an 8-year relationship just got ended and for no sane reason.


And boycott goddamn NCSoft for killing off a still robust, profitable, and beloved games. They don't give a crap about their customers; you shouldn't give a crap about them.
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Still alive, been sucked in by Facebook

In honor of National Coming Out Day, this is my annual "coming out" (they do say it's a process, so I guess making an annual announcement is okay) as an asexual. Happy to answer any questions about it, but there is a very diverse group of people under the asexual umbrella so my answers may not be typical of this atypical group.


Hey folks!
The new comic pages are up at http://www.tangentartists.com! The creepiness continues in CRIT!, Amonanda's true appearance is revealed in Skeleton Crew, and the Tangents crew witnesses the fully operational firepower of Danny Valentini of Draconica Chronicles (http://draconia.katbox.net/) VS. DustyJack and JadePrince of Mahou Shounen Fight! (http://www.mahoushounenfight.com/).

So, check out our new comics and those of our featured guests!


Tucker and Dale vs. Evil

Just watched this movie and really enjoyed it. Nice and well-done twist on the typical slasher flick! Lots of fun (caveat, slasher film spoof, so, y'know, slasher film gore, so if that bothers you, be warned), and available to stream on Netflix! Check it out!

Also, I'll be at Katsucon this weekend, at the Tangent Artists booth in Artist Alley. If you're going to be in attendance, come by and say hi!


Now back to con prep...

Sad News

Well, the 5-year curse has struck again, and I've been laid off. Sigh. Therefore, I am looking for a graphic design/desktop publisher sort of job and/or freelance work. Full-time, part-time, whatever. I'm kind of interested in building up some freelance work since I'm getting a little tired of the 5-year curse...

Oh, and I have a TS/SCI clearance. Can't hurt. It's valid, but I'm not read in on anything, and no, I didn't do a polygraph with it, if anyone asks.

My most up-to-date information is my LinkedIn profile at this point in time, which is here: